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5. Two Hearts

February 21, 2012

My father would usually give my mother just one gift for Christmas.  Often, it was jewelry, sometimes more expensive than it should have been.  But he was decisive.  He would get an idea, and act on it.  No strolling down the isles and window shopping for him.  He was focused.  When he decided she needed a locket, she got a locket.

I don’t know the dates these two lockets were purchased but my mother always said, “One was the first locket he gave me, and one was the last.”  She often wore them together on two chains, one longer than the other.  They each had photos of my parents cut out in heart shape to fit inside.  The older one, now slightly tarnished, has my mother’s initial “B” engraved on the front.  The newer one has a small diamond set in the front and on the back, it says, “I Love You”.

I know this last one was given after he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  I can remember Dad talking about wanting her to have a locket but I don’t remember when that was.  And I have memories of my mother tearing up when she received it at Christmas.  But I’m not really sure, if I remember this gift, or another similar one because she treasured every gift from him.  I think the gifts in the later years were even more precious.

This past Valentine’s Day, I wore my mother’s lockets, together on one chain.  Probably no one else noticed, and certainly no one else knew, that I was wearing my parent’s two hearts.

The two lockets on one chain with two heart shaped photos removed from the older one.

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