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6. Life in Boot Camp

Feb 24, 2012

This is one of the few letters that is un-dated but the envelope it was in was post marked Sept. 11, 1947.  It may have been put back in the wrong envelope but the date seems to match the contents of the letter.

This is also one of the few that my mother was able to comment on to give it some perspective.

U.S. Marine Corps

Parris Island, S.C.                  

How’s everything Hon?

            Well today’s a holiday so we have a little spare time.  If it wasn’t for the fact that our Platoon is guard platoon of the day, we wouldn’t have to do a thing, but this way each man has eight hours of guard duty, four at a time with a twelve hour rest between times.  I stood my first watch from eight to twelve this morning and will go back at midnight and stand watch until four.  I sleep in the afternoon. That is really rough duty though, we carry our rifles (9 1/2 pounds) a cartridge belt, canteen full of water, first aid kit bayonet + waterproof camofauged [sic] poncho.  You’re really tired when you finish.

            Did I tell you that I will probably be back around Nov. 4th?  I don’t remember wether [sic] I did or not.

            Y’Know I’m going to start figuring out right now what we’re going to do when I get back.  We’ll really have to step out and have a big time.

As I’ve said before, hon I don’t really realize how much I love you until I’m away from you for a while.  Just remember, I’m thinking of you always.

            Could you send me a picture?  I know, I don’t deserve it, I’ve lost every one you’ve given me, but I’ll try to hang onto the next one.

            I keep telling all the guys what a good lookin’ gal I’ve got, all I need is the pic to proove [sic] it.

            I have some studying to do on the parts of my rifle, so I’d better quit this idle chatter and get to work. – I’ll write again as soon as possible.

                        All my love,



P.S. Please forgive the writing.  I’m balancing this on my knee

My mother’s comments, October 18, 2004:

I had to laugh when I read the line about “we’ll really have to step out and have a big time.”  I can’t remember any thing that we did when he would come home on leave, but go out to eat, go to a movie, ride around in the car or stay around his house or mine. 

I am sure that I send him pictures all the time — but like always – things got misplaced. And of course these letters are from Boot Camp and he didn’t have much with him at that time.  I do know that there is a picture here in his album, of his locker door on the ship and my picture is on the door.

I do remember that in Boot Camp it was so difficult for them to find time for them self, to write a letter or anything.  And, like he says they didn’t always get mail every day, then they would get a lot at one time.

He does sound home sick, doesn’t he? I’m sure I wrote back and told him how much I missed him.  

The photo she mentions is on the home page of this blog,

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