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The End – About Me

Liz Walker is a genealogist and writer who hasn’t written much in the past few years.  So this blog was started as an exercise in daily writing.

I was challenged by The Armchair Genealogist’s Family History Writing Challenge to write at least 250 words per day in the month of February 2012.  This project, organizing and publishing my father’s letters, is something I have wanted to do for a long time so this challenge is just what I needed to get started.

However, February came and went, and I realized I was long past meeting the challenge of 250 words a day, but it did get me back on task with organizing those letters.  It also helped me to remember how cleansing and satisfying it is to write again, even if it was only done in spurts.

One blog that I did complete was started in 2011 when we traveled to the U.K.  This photo was taken at Kilravock Castle near Inverness, Scotland in September, 2011.  You can see my husband, Brian, in the mirror.  The castle was once owned by my mother’s Rose family ancestors. The Roses no longer live there but a Christian children’s group runs a bed and breakfast in the carriage house.  Breakfast is served inside the castle.   I was lucky enough to spend my birthday there.

You can read my blog about our trip to the U.K. at:

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