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2. Greetings, Sweets

Feb 6, 2012
My father, was a master of salutations.  This one, dated, Monday, December 8, 1947 began, “Greetings, Sweets”
Probably the most common salutation was, “Dearest Bobbie”, hence, the name of this blog.  But he was very creative and used such a wide variety.  I’ll be showcasing several of them in the days to come.
He often apologized for not writing often enough.
“Honey, I wish I could write you more often but there just isn’t anything to say; just the same old thing goes on day after day…”
And he also said that there wasn’t much to write about.  But in this same letter he found something pretty dramatic to relate.
“I had quite an experience on guard duty the other night.  I had a post around the officers’ mess hall and it is about 1/2 mile from the guard house and there is no other sentry to relay a message if the one there yells.

  I was walking the post, minding my own business, when I heard a noise inside.  After great deliberation I went in to see what it was. I walked through the doors, scared stiff and holding my nightstick so tight that the veins were standing out on my hand.  All of the sudden some character steps out from behind a partition in one of the booths and taps me on the skull with a blackjack.  It was so pitch dark I couldn’t tell whether it was man, woman, beauty or beast.  The knock on the head didn’t knock me out, it just stunned me for a few seconds.  In about ten minutes I had about every M.P. on the Island down there.  It seems that this clown that attempted to flatten my punkin haid [sic] was breaking into the liquor compartment with the help of a fire ax.”

Is this fact or fiction?  I asked him about it once and he swore it really happened.  As a genealogist, I’m tempted to get his military record to verify the event.  As his daughter, I want to believe it.

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